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Showing posts with label SEO Learning. Show all posts

SEO Social Strategy | Boost Your Each Link

SEO Social Strategy
SEO Social Strategy

SEO Social Strategy:

If you are doing SEO for your client. You should boost your backlink power. Your each backlink needs more backlink to increase its PA (Page Authority). You do not need to worry about new strategy, in which you can use your social accounts to make it boost. You can just follow my strategy.
In this SEO Social Strategy, you need
  1. Facebook (Profile and Page)
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin (Profile and Page)
  4. Plurk
  5. Google Plus (Profile and Page)
  6. Pinterest
  7. Diggo
  8. Reddit
  9. 500px
  10. Delicious
  11. RSS Submission Sites List
  12. One Hour Indexer Account
  13. IFTTT
  14. Buffer
  15. Stumble Upon
  16. 000Webhost
  17. Feed Burner
  18. Pingomatic
  19. 2nd Tier (GSA Indexer or SENuke)
  20. Google Drive
  21. PDF Sites
  22. Web2.0 sites
  23. Videos Sites
  24. Sounds Sites
It'll take about 3-4 hours to arrange all accounts and design this strategy. 
Once this strategy is ready for your website then you can easily manage it. You just need to add your link to custom feed and post in social profiles and ping to stumble upon each. 
If you have any confusion, You can contact me. 

Digital Marketing Specialist
Samee Ullah Feroz

What is hardcore SEO working?

Hardcore SEO Working:
Some companies are doing hardcore search engine optimization working to improve their client's ranking. They are also having so many call center agents for project grabbing. They are randomly getting so many projects daily. Thier SEO team agents are getting projects daily to work on. It becomes little difficult to maintain single project ranking on Google. They are doing same SEO working repeatedly and little randomly. They are using some gray hat software and some black hat scripts to maintain their project's backlinking.
Same repeated but randomly SEO working is called "Hardcore SEO Working". It is not good for company power. But if you working on hardcore SEO with white hat strategy, it can be good for you. Read 20 hardcore SEO tips, maybe it can be good for you.

Section#9: Cookies Law In Europe Is Accepted By Google For SEO

EU cookies law

Section#9: Advance SEO Research Program And Notes

Cookies Law in EU:

From May 2011 a new privacy law came into effect across the EU. The law requires that websites ask visitors for consent to use most web cookies.
Nearly all websites use cookies, which are an extremely common technology for remembering anything about a visitor between web pages. Cookies are commonly used for login, remembering preferences, tracking visitors and more.
The new law is intended to help protect people’s privacy. For example, if you search for “cars” in Google, they use cookies to remember this. Later in the day, on another website, Google may target car ads at you because they remember who you are. This might not sound too scary until you think how many thousands of searches you do on Google, and how much they probably know about you as a result.
The vast majority of small websites don’t do this of course, but they do track visitors to their website, e.g. via a tool like Google Analytics, and they use social media plugins like Facebook Like buttons. As we will see, this law appears to outlaw all of this entirely.

What does this mean for websites?

Most EU websites will need to change, or break the law.

Over 92% of websites use cookies at the moment. They’ll either have to stop using cookies, or start asking for permission.
To ask for permission, a website must interrupt their visitors – say, with a popup like this:
Cookies use

No one wants to add this to their website, and most visitors are unlikely to be happy about it either.

There are other solutions which we explore later, but they all have a negative effect on the experience of a website. Web sites could stop using cookies, but generally only by losing some functionality on their site – and because cookies are so ubiquitous, this isn’t easy.

Does this only affect websites hosted in the EU?

The location of your hosting is irrelevant, but the location of your organisation is not. Your organisation must fall within the legal jurisdiction of the EU. Each member state has their own laws, which are based on the same EU directive, but may differ slightly.

For most small/medium organisations, being located in the EU will mean you must comply.

Are all cookies affected?

The vast majority are – all cookies that are not “strictly necessary for a service requested by a user”.

The law allows an exception for “strictly necessary” cookies, such as those used to remember when something has been added to a shopping basket. These cookies would be expected by the user implicitly for the action they requested to be carried out. Another example would be login.

Section#8: Black Hat SEO With CSS

Section#8: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. CSS is the mother of programming languages.
  2. You can use CSS rules to boost your SEO.
  3. Hidden tag is black hat SEO work
  4. Hidden tag helps you to boost your ranking on google.
  5. For alternate backlinking, you can use hidden tag scripting to boost your article and your blog authority.
  6. But don’t try to stuff more keywords and try to maintain keyword density.
  7. In Forums, you are not allowed short contents. You need to write at least 200 words content to boost your thread in forums.


Section#7: Local Business Client Review and Tips

Section#7: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. Mostly people are skipping ad searches.
  2. They are not feeling good to open it.
  3. Use 5-star services (completely 5 stars)
  4. If people didn’t like your client services on google plus then may be, there are chances they open yelp site. (or any other local search site like YP)
  5. Local search ranking
  6. A lot of reviews tend to a high ranking.
  7. Profile views
  8. Website (client end). DA, AC rank effects.
  9. Try to refer to work with local subset
  10. A total number of referring IPs also had a high correlation with storage local ranking.
  11. Don’t forward URL
  12. Don’t add extra keywords on your business name.
  13. You are on service area, don’t hide your address.
  14. Don’t multiply verify your business
  15. Before register check your business category on google plus.
  16. Don’t create a business without a physical address.
  17. Don’t register businesses that operate in building but you don’t own
  18. Don’t work with spam industry.
  19. Don’t create that listing which is your virtual business.
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