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Showing posts with label MySql Learning. Show all posts

MySQL Start Basics : Database, Table Creation and Values Insertion

MySQL Start Basics
Database Basics

Here you will learn that how to create database with SQL queries and how to control it. You need to learn here about
  1. Database
  2. Tables
  3. Fields
  4. Rows
How to create Database with SQL Query?
> Open  PHPMyAdmin > SQL

Write Query and click GO. Now QWC database has been created.
 Query OK, 1 row affected (0.01 sec)  
Now  You need to use this database. Use this SQL query.

Write Query and click GO. Now you are using QWC database.
Database changed
 Now you need to create tables. For tables, you need to write query as
 CREATE TABLE inform(  
 name varchar( 30 ) ,  
 age int( 2 ) ,  
 phone int( 15 ) ,  
 address varchar( 50 )  

It is like
Create Table [Table Name]( [Field Name] [Field Type] ([Field Limit]) , [-> Next Field] );
Write Query and click GO.
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 sec)
Now You need to insert value. 1st you need to check that your table is selected. For value, you need to use this query as.
 INSERT INTO `inform`(`name`, `age`, `phone`, `address`)   
 VALUES ('QWC',22,03234209211,'Pakistan')  

It is like

Insert into table (colum1, colum2, colum3) values (value1, valu2, value3, value4);
But here you need to remind that you need to write CHR, Text type values within single or double quotes.


Check for the Correct MySQL Version Query

MySQL Version Query
MySQL Version
Now you can check your correct MySQL version of your server by simple SQL query.
You need to open your control panel.
-> PHPMyAdmin
-> SQL
1st Query:

2nd Query:

MySQL 5.7 Version is on the release. Many .PHP, .ASP and many functions works with MySQL5.0x or greater than it.

MySql Query For Filter | Search Bar Query FHXDJ7ENSTPM

MySql Query For Filter
Search Bar Query

MySql Query for filter. You can use this query for getting match values in your site. This search bar query is so simple to understand.

 $filter = "Sam";  
 SELECT * from contacts WHERE name LIKE '%".$filter."%' order by name"  

You just need to change "Name". You can use different field according to your need. It can either be "Title" or "Description". That is up to your database / script.

It is the best way to release your server load and good for your website ranking on Google.

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