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Showing posts with label Problem. Show all posts

Ertugrul Problems | Load PHP Coad

Heres my CODE:

 '<b class="red">' . '$fetch['Username'] . '</b>' . ' ballt seine Hände zusammen und ruft: "<b>Kame Hame HAA!</b>", sofort schießt er einen Energiestrahl in Richtung ' . '<b class="blue">' . $fetch['Username2'] . '</b> ab. ' . '<b class="blue">' . $fetch['Username'] . '</b> erleidet ' . $DMG_Gegner . ' LP Schaden.'  
I want to load this code to like a php code...


MySQL Error : Unknown column 'id' in 'where clause' error in PHP

Sometime you get MySQL Error like
Error Number: 1052

Column 'id' in order clause is ambiguous
This is just because of some misunderstanding about MySQL queries. This error occurs, when you try to search same column, which exists in two tables. For it, you need to write proper query that you can use in MySQL.
Try to follow some rules........
  1. When you write any query, must sure that you have checked that in PHPMyAdmin > SQL
  2. If you need to use variables in MySQL query, Try to use concatenation for that variable like:
     $query = "select * from users where name = " . $username[2];  
  3. Try to avoid special characters in MySQL query.
  4. Try to use updated PHP5.5.x functions. 
  5. Make sure that your order sequence is correct.
  6. Again must check that every query is working correct in Local Host.
  7. Try to take attention on "Order by", "Limit", "Rand", "Atoms" functions
  8. Use mysql_real_escape_string() function with variables to avoid hacking.

How to retrieve user data from URL?

How to retrieve user data from URL?

like you click on a username and url is
now you can get data from it

like query will be
select * from users where user = samee limit 1
It will by query

now how to start

in header before <html> you need to write code

 $username = $_GET['user']; //now you have username variable  
 $query = "select * from users where user = $username limit 1";  
 $query_run = mysqli_query($con, $query);  
 $user = mysqli_fetch_array($query_run);  
 //here you will get complete user data and now you need to put on page  
  <p>Name = <?php echo $user[name]; ?></p>  
  <p>age = <?php echo $user[age]; ?></p>  
  <p>Address = <?php echo $user[address]; ?></p>  


Domain Language Redirection by IP or users

English And Arabic Conversion
English And Arabic Conversion
I am working on one site. that is in Arabic + English.
I want. when people come on site with english keyword they redirect to
and when people come on site with arabic keyword they redirect to

We need to work according to Google Language Code.

domain.com will redirect to domain.com/ar fully Arabic language for Arabic people

How to do it.
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