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Showing posts with label Google Knowledge. Show all posts

Spam Rate Has Increased in 2015

Oeil d'Afrique WP Dashboard
Google is giving more response to their major visitors. In 2015 Spam rate has increase about 80%. Competitors are spamming other competitors sites to place their ranking on top. One of my client is affected in this case. You need to be careful about it and take better decision in it that you can balance your traffic from social sites or Organic search.

Spamming Ways:

  1. Leave feedback
  2. Leave comments
  3. Upload Pictures
  4. Submit Coupons
  5. Create Account
If you want to start any online business. 1st consult with web master and then create your website.  I want to tell you Google updates. there is one update like if your website 'll have spam words related to (hack, spam, sex, vigra, related to it.) Google 'll not give you rank it is competitive industry competitors spam other competitors sites for down ranking. all web masters know this update you need to be careful yes there are chances that you think people should write or leave their reviews under posts. so you can add plugins for it.
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