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Showing posts with label Adsense Banned. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Adsense Banned. Show all posts

AdSense Ban Solution?

Your AdSense ground got illegal, you created added one, and then you got suspended again. I feature been there. Don't languish your time on disagreeable things you don't mate whether leave create out or not. You are sure not alone.

There are thousands of group out there who soul proven the one method and aught real happened. Perhaps, you thought of doing meaninglessness which you couple is black and against Google AdSense's regulations. ( AdSense Ban )

Let's forget virtually those ideas.  Isn't it surmount to elastic 100 pct unused? I bet you don't requirement to provoke up in the morn and conclude afraid because you jazz you are doing something dirty online. And what's writer, you don't require to be constantly worried on having your story suspended again. AdSense Ban can be resolve by some tips and tricks

If you are earnestly search for slipway on how to set up a new invoice in an honorable and ineligible way, should inactivity out Rate AdSense Ban.

Do not under reckoning Google. If you anticipate you can easily make accounts without them drawing you doctor. You're likely injustice. Here's the situation: whether you same it or not, you are leaving, the so-called, footmarks every measure you logon to the net. These footmarks of yours are then derived by the companies who requisite to cross you low. It's loose for them to do that.

Saint Bergmann the author Crush AdSense Ban has a rattling trenchant inclination of the sneaky methods Google applies to interrupt new accounts. Actually, what usually AdSense does is to use your old invoice to proffer your new record. You module get all the accumulation and work you need on creating new AdSense accounts and avoiding being tracked plumage. Bergman also gave me individualized living via net-mail, as I am not that satisfactory with computers. It never took him someone than 12 hours to respond to my emails.

I am sustain on AdSense for statesman than 1 period now. I am rattling thankful to make my performing stake. I kept a make of Bergmann's Nonconformist AdSense Ban info on my machine, I also unsealed a sec AdSense 'emergency rearwards up' statement. Succeeding experience Google should end to modify my story for no justification, I am precooked.


Best Fake Traffic Sites- Web Hits Automatic

The only way that bogus visitors would advantage you is if you coordinator ads on your website and are purchased per perception for each time the website is packed. If it continuously comes from the same IP deal with, that will not help and will be ads.


Top 13 SEO Mistakes

We consider a lot of websites that have fantastic content but do not list well on the Google SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). This is usually due to little simple problems. We have accumulated a list of some of the most regular problems we see or components of a web page that when greater will produce better the Google look for. This is a list of problems, but not problems that will get you banned.
  1. Keyword spam and spamdexing
  2. Invisible and Semi-text
  3. Use the comment tag
  4. Fact Sheets
  5. Redirection Pages
  6. Optimization of relevant and irrelevant keywords
  7. Use titles to an advantage in alphabetical order
  8. Power of a pixel image
  9. The "Switch and Bait" Technique
  10. Check the IP address or the Technique "Food"
  11. The hidden form tags: <Input> and <Option>
  12. Using CSS to hide text and links on the page
  13. This Mini-Net Strategy

Wordpress Security Scan Plug-in Download

WP Security Scan Plugin checks your WordPress site / blog in search of security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective measures such as:

  1. Passwords
  2. File permissions
  3. Base Safety Data
  4. Hide Version
  5. WordPress protection management / security
  6. META tag generator eliminates WP core code


  • WordPress version 2.6 and higher (tested at &lt;= 3.2)
  • PHP5 (tested with PHP interpreter&gt; = 5.2.9)

Adsense Is Not Always The Best

I have a website related to some anti-aging hormone. This site is about 3 years and about $ 600 a month, always with adsense from last year. This site top3 ranking in search engines for certain keywords and get very good fir around 1,000 visitors per day. Thus, with these 30,000 unique visitors and $ 600 in adsense, I was happy with $ 20 eCPM. Who would not be? It looks like a good eCPM. So I was very happy with this site. Until two days ago.

So what happened two days earlier?

I received an email from one of my competitors sites that are willing to buy my site (who saw the ranking of search engines it). I told them that the site is not for sale. Then I got an offer that was hard to refuse. An offer of $ 25 000 for the site. I was shocked. The value of my site? How will you monetize the site so much money? All these questions came to mind.

Beginning to see the price of the offer, he would sell. But then I thought, why not try to see what to do with the site. I can do it myself and see if my income can be increased by this site. That's it, that's where I started looking for related sites and found that most of my competitors are not running, but running some adsense affiliate links that pays very well (up to $ 100 sale).

I put the affiliate link in this post EXACTLY 48 hours (only two days behind) and this is what the statistics I see them for 48 hours:

So for 48 hours, it's $ 797.52. So if I continue to earn that kind of money every day, it would be about $ 11,962.80 per month from this site only. Even if I take the numbers down a bit to $ 250 per day (instead of $ 396.26 in progress), I will make at least $ 7,500 a month from this site, which was only me $ 600 per month http://www.jimkarter.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=127
Loading ... until now.

So Adsense is not always the best way to make a website. If you can the right kind of affiliate programs that pay well, you can certainly gain a lot more.

So I sell my place for $ 25,000? You know the answer. At the end of the month, I will update you people how the month went.

What's next?
For now I have been with adsense site. I like over the next five days (for a total of seven days). Then remove from the next 7 days, and compare my earnings from these two weeks. You decide if I should completely remove the AdSense site or not. It seems to me, he says, go with adsense. What do you think?

Some Google AdSense Ads Promote Scams

Although the frequency may be reduced, you will sometimes misleading ads on Google search results or even sites that are part of the Google AdSense program (like that).
What is even more surprising is the fact that advertisers can use AdSense Google AdWords to promote related products, which are just scams. Take a look at the final screen of the Google homepage is a query as a popular "AdSense".

All Google ads you see in the screenshot above for a promise to provide "AdSense" a sum of money.

My conversation poster curious how this works, I made a phone call to one of these advertisers, and suggested that I share my name, address and other details so they can get an AdSense account for me. He stressed that it is in contact with people at Google, and so its easy for him to get an account, that apply to Google directly.

I also promised a readymade site - on topics ranging from sports cars Bollywood - and to be paid between $ 25 and 2 cents per click on this site. There's more. He suggested I share the URL with all my friends on Facebook and Orkut and ask them to click on ads "quick money".

He called another poster and the story was no different. He went further and promised that my AdSense account will be approved within 24 hours of receiving payment (even gave me his bank information).

I wonder why Google is letting this happen, and that even on its own advertising network, where they are completely under control?

75% Referrals Tell Googlers Hypocrites On Facebook

A few weeks ago, many Googlers off their Facebook account to make a statement about the lack of privacy and "openness" of social networking site. I thought it would be fun to see how SEOs think about this decision.

I did a poll asking if you feel the light of Buzz, do you think the Googlers deactivate their account are hypocrites? Personally, I really do, but this is what we all think.

75% of you think Google is a hypocrite, here is the pie chart


Clicked On AdSense Ads On Your Site? [Do Not Say Google]

If you are a publisher (like me) and clicked on a Google AdSense on your own website or a mobile property in error, say, trying something - the interesting information that you may not be aware of is Google n 'want you to mail each time you click on an ad by mistake. A general practice followed by many publishers is that Google e-mail as soon as they realize they clicked their own ads.

Here's what Google says the official press release;

Because we closely monitor all account activity using engineering systems and thorough human analysis, chances are we’ve already detected your clicks on your ads and discounted them. While these clicks still show in your reports, we filter out their associated earnings so that advertisers aren’t charged. However, please keep in mind that we don’t ignore the clicks completely; if it appears to us that a publisher has been clicking on his own ads to inflate his earnings or an advertiser’s costs, we may disable the account to protect our advertisers’ interests.

In this case, if anyone is in Publisher - but there have been clicking on his / her ads, but only the object, or who have been to your Web site, it is best to use the AdSense preview tool as an alternative to do so to follow and respect the policies of Google.

What is CTR, eCPM and CPC?

If it seems advertisements (ex-Google Adsense) on your website or blog, you may have noticed eCPM, CTR and CPC. Also you notice in your Blogger account and your Google Adsense account that CTR and eCPM are shown there as the record of your site. They are described bellow:

Here the terms explaintion.

  • eCPM  - (eCPM) Effective Cost Per thousand Impressions. Earnings per 1000 impressions. The cost to show the ad a thousand times on your site.
  • CPC - (CPC) Cost Per Click (How do you earn per click). CPC costs are basically determined by the advertiser. Advertisers pay more per click for sites with niche content.
  • CTR - (CTR) Click Through Rate (a measure of how often users click your ads.) If your ad receives a click of 100 impressions, what you are to have a CTR of 1% or 0.01.
Many factors contribute to their income from Adsense on affiliate programs and others. Traffic is an important factor, the people more information, visit their website, the more ad clicks and revenue. Furthermore, the quality of its content is important.

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