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Showing posts with label Windows Working. Show all posts

Dreamweaver CS6 Crack No Need For Serial key In Future

dreamweaver cs6 crack

Dreamweaver CS6 Crack File:

Now you don't need Dreamweaver CS6 serial anymore. All Adobe file information is stored in
.DLL file.
If you know how to crack amtlib.dll file you can easily crack adobe any product.
You just need to download my amtlib.dll file and open
C:/Program files/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS6/
 Replace it and open DW CS6.

How to use signature file in outlook?

Create your signature (.HTML / .HTM) file with the help of xHTML and CSS save file in your system. (.HTM file recommended)

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  1. Now open Run by Win+R
  2. Write : %AppData% click enter
  3. Open Microsoft Folder
  4. Then Signature folder.
  5. Paste your signature file in this filder. 
Now you need to change the extension from .html to .htm
  • so you need to click alt.
  • Menu bar will visible.
  • In Tools => Folder Options
  • Open View tab and uncheck Hide extensions from unknows files.
  • now you can easily rename your file. 

Open your outlook, when you need to click on signature and add your signature in your email.

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