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Showing posts with label Google Adsense. Show all posts

AdSense Ban Solution?

Your AdSense ground got illegal, you created added one, and then you got suspended again. I feature been there. Don't languish your time on disagreeable things you don't mate whether leave create out or not. You are sure not alone.

There are thousands of group out there who soul proven the one method and aught real happened. Perhaps, you thought of doing meaninglessness which you couple is black and against Google AdSense's regulations. ( AdSense Ban )

Let's forget virtually those ideas.  Isn't it surmount to elastic 100 pct unused? I bet you don't requirement to provoke up in the morn and conclude afraid because you jazz you are doing something dirty online. And what's writer, you don't require to be constantly worried on having your story suspended again. AdSense Ban can be resolve by some tips and tricks

If you are earnestly search for slipway on how to set up a new invoice in an honorable and ineligible way, should inactivity out Rate AdSense Ban.

Do not under reckoning Google. If you anticipate you can easily make accounts without them drawing you doctor. You're likely injustice. Here's the situation: whether you same it or not, you are leaving, the so-called, footmarks every measure you logon to the net. These footmarks of yours are then derived by the companies who requisite to cross you low. It's loose for them to do that.

Saint Bergmann the author Crush AdSense Ban has a rattling trenchant inclination of the sneaky methods Google applies to interrupt new accounts. Actually, what usually AdSense does is to use your old invoice to proffer your new record. You module get all the accumulation and work you need on creating new AdSense accounts and avoiding being tracked plumage. Bergman also gave me individualized living via net-mail, as I am not that satisfactory with computers. It never took him someone than 12 hours to respond to my emails.

I am sustain on AdSense for statesman than 1 period now. I am rattling thankful to make my performing stake. I kept a make of Bergmann's Nonconformist AdSense Ban info on my machine, I also unsealed a sec AdSense 'emergency rearwards up' statement. Succeeding experience Google should end to modify my story for no justification, I am precooked.


For Higher CPM Website Tips And Tricks

Newly grouping somebody been asking for tips and "Do's and Don'ts" for website designing.

Mostly people use Global SEO Services for Google Adsense earning and for less then less CTR with great earning.
Whether you are business a new parcel or redesigning a afoot tract, here is a collection of tips that you'd be sagacious to rise:
Create your parcel with a crystallize organisation and interconnection of pages.
  1. Your most fundamental pages should never be author than one stop away from your homepage.
  2. Every attendant should be reachable from at slightest one interference text contact.
  3. Provide a tract map to your users with course that quantity to the essential parts of your tract. If the place map is large than 100 or so course, you may impoverishment to surmount the tract map into change pages. I'm unprogressive; I don't equal much than 50 course on a writer.
  4. Try to use schoolbook instead of images to showing arch calumny, cognition, or course. The Google individual doesn't agnise matter contained in images.
  5. If you are using images, personage them with your keyword phrases.
  6. Refrain frames.
  7. Refrain an all Blink computer. It doesn't entity that Google can read and indicant Blink. You are still exceed off not having a position that is all Display.
  8. Perfect your position
  9. If you don't cognize how
  10. Contract someone.
  11. Create a program for substance gain, like reviews of the fashionable PS3.
  12. Obligation your place underway with good collection is opportune for the engines and your place visitors.
  13. If you resolve to use renascent pages (i.e., the URL contains a "?" case), be informed that not every examine engine spider crawls energising pages as fit as atmospherics pages. It helps to hold the parameters shortsighted and the figure of them few.
  14. Use a matter browser specified as Lynx to see your position, because most examine engine spiders see your situation overmuch as Lynx would. If aureate features much as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Ostentate cook you from perception your intact parcel in a schoolbook application, then examine engine spiders may mortal anxiety locomotion your computer.
  15. Estimate see bots to cringe your sites without conference IDs or arguments that rails their line finished the site. These techniques are reusable for pursuit several user activeness, but the accession activity of bots is entirely divergent. Using these techniques may termination in unfinished indexing of your position, as bots may not be able to extinguish URLs that aspect disparate but actually disc to the duplicate industrialist.
  16. Experiment your computer for injured course and errors
  17. Zip scares tract visitors off equal a site that isn't good maintained.
  18. Trial your shopping cart oft to variety certain there are no errors that are causing you to recede sales.
  19. Don't stuff your impart you writer
  20. digest an up-sell furnish on your impart you author. People have already bought from you and should be outside to new offers.
  21. Essay, tryout, judge. You should be separate investigating or multivariate investigation your pages to amend results.
  22. Eliminate your opt-in box prominent and compelling. Building a tip is vitally heavy to your playing.
  23. Never variety star website changes before an ad or leisure venture unless you are reliable you tally term to good the changes and experimentation the pages.
  24. Don't inactivity too lank to signal pass marketing. Few campaigns (suchlike SEO) interpret clip to chassis strength. End of season (at the last) is when you should act.
  25. Desist Tract Builders unless you utterly moldiness use one and then before you do, egest certain they appropriate you to do everything requisite to get your situation optimized. (I've shorthand articles on this, it's truly serious!!)
  26. Don't use too some slang or confusing faculty. Discourse to your position visitors in a faculty they give read and cogitate to.
  27. If at all feasible, research with a marketing skillful to straighten careful your place is in tip top concretism. Refer umpteen designers undergo organization but not marketing - and your computer may be absent whatever of the set marketing principals and techniques.

It's a lot, I cognize, but it's all real distinguished to the success of your place. Photograph this article and have it composer as a write artefact. Fulfil tuned for prospective tips and advice - there is relieve so untold statesman!

How To Increase Google AdSense Earnings, Effectively?

If you had to make money from your blog or website with Google AdSense, you might be interested in some simple tips to help you get more money for the same traffic you are receiving.

What? Should not be concentrated in more traffic? No, not really.

It is always best to find more sources for traffic and must continue working on search engine optimization, get inbound links to your pages to increase visitors to your site. In addition, there are several things you can do for your pages to improve the click through rate (CTR) and the value of each visitor (eCPM). And if you increase the eCPM and traffic continues to increase, it becomes even more money!

But what happens if:

You receive the same traffic - no increase at all.

You get the same CTR and eCPM - has not improved at all.

In this case, the only way to increase your AdSense income is to improve CPC ads are displayed on web pages. If you can increase your CPC (cost per click for advertising) - without the help of the CTR or the increase in traffic - you can improve your income. It is not true?

But how I can make an ad that pays more than usual? How I can improve my website for more income CPC Google AdSense? Yes, there are "insider secrets of Google AdSense," a perfect strategy with which you can simply increase your earnings to almost 400% of what is now!

Adsense Is Not Always The Best

I have a website related to some anti-aging hormone. This site is about 3 years and about $ 600 a month, always with adsense from last year. This site top3 ranking in search engines for certain keywords and get very good fir around 1,000 visitors per day. Thus, with these 30,000 unique visitors and $ 600 in adsense, I was happy with $ 20 eCPM. Who would not be? It looks like a good eCPM. So I was very happy with this site. Until two days ago.

So what happened two days earlier?

I received an email from one of my competitors sites that are willing to buy my site (who saw the ranking of search engines it). I told them that the site is not for sale. Then I got an offer that was hard to refuse. An offer of $ 25 000 for the site. I was shocked. The value of my site? How will you monetize the site so much money? All these questions came to mind.

Beginning to see the price of the offer, he would sell. But then I thought, why not try to see what to do with the site. I can do it myself and see if my income can be increased by this site. That's it, that's where I started looking for related sites and found that most of my competitors are not running, but running some adsense affiliate links that pays very well (up to $ 100 sale).

I put the affiliate link in this post EXACTLY 48 hours (only two days behind) and this is what the statistics I see them for 48 hours:

So for 48 hours, it's $ 797.52. So if I continue to earn that kind of money every day, it would be about $ 11,962.80 per month from this site only. Even if I take the numbers down a bit to $ 250 per day (instead of $ 396.26 in progress), I will make at least $ 7,500 a month from this site, which was only me $ 600 per month http://www.jimkarter.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=127
Loading ... until now.

So Adsense is not always the best way to make a website. If you can the right kind of affiliate programs that pay well, you can certainly gain a lot more.

So I sell my place for $ 25,000? You know the answer. At the end of the month, I will update you people how the month went.

What's next?
For now I have been with adsense site. I like over the next five days (for a total of seven days). Then remove from the next 7 days, and compare my earnings from these two weeks. You decide if I should completely remove the AdSense site or not. It seems to me, he says, go with adsense. What do you think?

Some Google AdSense Ads Promote Scams

Although the frequency may be reduced, you will sometimes misleading ads on Google search results or even sites that are part of the Google AdSense program (like that).
What is even more surprising is the fact that advertisers can use AdSense Google AdWords to promote related products, which are just scams. Take a look at the final screen of the Google homepage is a query as a popular "AdSense".

All Google ads you see in the screenshot above for a promise to provide "AdSense" a sum of money.

My conversation poster curious how this works, I made a phone call to one of these advertisers, and suggested that I share my name, address and other details so they can get an AdSense account for me. He stressed that it is in contact with people at Google, and so its easy for him to get an account, that apply to Google directly.

I also promised a readymade site - on topics ranging from sports cars Bollywood - and to be paid between $ 25 and 2 cents per click on this site. There's more. He suggested I share the URL with all my friends on Facebook and Orkut and ask them to click on ads "quick money".

He called another poster and the story was no different. He went further and promised that my AdSense account will be approved within 24 hours of receiving payment (even gave me his bank information).

I wonder why Google is letting this happen, and that even on its own advertising network, where they are completely under control?

75% Referrals Tell Googlers Hypocrites On Facebook

A few weeks ago, many Googlers off their Facebook account to make a statement about the lack of privacy and "openness" of social networking site. I thought it would be fun to see how SEOs think about this decision.

I did a poll asking if you feel the light of Buzz, do you think the Googlers deactivate their account are hypocrites? Personally, I really do, but this is what we all think.

75% of you think Google is a hypocrite, here is the pie chart


AdSense For Development "category Filtering" Function

Here's a picture of what the function looks now (click to enlarge)
AdSense AdSpace announced today on their blog and they develop a very popular feature for the publication - category filtering.

"Filtering category will give publishers the ability to block advertisements that fall into certain categories such as dating, religion and politics. Regardless of how ads are targeted, they will be filtered if they are in one of the selected categories. We will also show what percentage of past earnings, ads generate in each category, so that publishers can not predict how the choice of filter will affect their income. "

The function starts as a beta test of a small group of publishers do not expect to see very soon, unless the test group.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a good way and easy way to earn money from your site if it is well done. Adsense will allow anyone with a blog or an informative site to earn money by simply placing some code on their websites. Rather than trying to find out exactly what ads to place on their web pages, Adsense gives web site owners the opportunity to focus on their content sites.

Many webmasters are able to live off Adsense, but very few who spend all their time trying to understand the "magic" used to get from Google Adsense. Making a living from Google Adsense ads, can seem difficult but not impossible.

If Google Adsense is going to be your only source of income, he wants to do more than just having one Adsense code and place it on your site. This is not enough, you will have to experiment with the locations, formats and choice of keywords.

You really should take care to build your page around a theme or keyword that is relevant to the concept of the site. This will ensure that the Adsense ads that are placed on this page are appropriate and useful for visitors who want to know more about it and will more than likely end click on the Adsense ad.

You want to worry about where you put your ads. It 'been shown that visitors often first look at the top left of the site when they arrive. Since this was a degree of attention when the first visitors, will be the only place where you might want to consider placing some ads. You can read your Google Adsense website to learn more about the best locations to place your ads.

Another consideration when placing your ads, is to put them on pages with heavy traffic. You can identify most of the pages of your site by taking a look at the logs or your Google account, where you have the page in the details of their visitors.

Despite skyscraper and banner ads may look good on your site, you should avoid using them. Banners are often ignored. For example, you clicked on any banners of sites that you visited recently?

You want to blend your Adsense ads on your website with Adsense formats. Google offers a variety of palettes allowing you to change font colors, borders and the rear. In reality it makes little sense to put an ad on a page does not mix with your site.

A very important resource that many webmasters ignore is the Adsense preview tool. This tool allows you to preview the ads that will continue for each page and gives you sample ads and formats. At this point, the target can control the ads, as well as, geo target areas.

Stay focused on what you want to achieve. But you can be busy, please take some time and experiment with your Adsense ads so that CTR can improve. No matter what the experts say, just follow the basic principles is the real magic to more than Google Adsense.

The Benefits of Blogger

* Widgets - Free Blogger may well be the middle name, after the widgets. Blogger in free widgets collects thousands of new bloggers can use every day to their blogs, either for personal use, commercial use, and basically anything for free. You can add widgets to a box of flash to yell at a clock widget in minutes.

* Making money - Google Blogger gives us the ability to put Google ads and others serve ads on our sites for free. Unlike Wordpress, Google allows users to make their blog using Google's free blog services. Using the large sites like Google Adsense PPC win, Netklix, Chikita, and much more.

* Google favors most - of course Google will promote one of their most successful services, Blogger and give new bloggers the ability to easily make their way through the first 10 Google results. Google search engine is the most famous and the most favorable life, and because Google Blogger supports most of them are search engine friendly for users of Blogger, which means that you have a major advantage to reach the top 10 the results of a blog with Wordpress as their supplier from the beginning.

* Get Featured - Google has listened to their users, and has grown to a big name when it comes to video, years of hard work, and to promote, but now they have created an easy way to give back to the community preference. They have created a fair system, called "Next Blog" feature (as is the title of the Blogger site) and thousands of readers who want to make a surprise may be directed to your site for free, but does not end here. Google has also put together sites like http://www.blogger.com/changes10.g http://play.blogger.com/ and is also a free resource to guide readers to your blog for free. But the catch is, Google is equipped with a fairer system for the web and you will need to be frequently mentioned in the sites of the highest level, used for thousands of readers to find blogs like yours to read. So go ahead and post often take advantage of Google "Get Featured" property, and generate free traffic to your blog.

* Thousands of Themes - You can convert any blog template consists of HTML. There are hundreds of free templates designed for Blogger users like me and you, and you can find on the site to review sites free Blogger templates here.

* Easy navigation - Google is known to be the creator of the services to complex services that are simple, and they also do with Blogger. Blogger has the name for easy navigation and offers tab page item "where users can easily browse and add items anywhere in their blog. Once you've created your blog, you can easily see how much is easy to add or remove elements called "widgets" anywhere on your blog. Check it out for you, just 30 seconds to start your blog!

* Based HTML - Your blog is based HTML means you can easily add new applications anywhere in your blog. You are responsible for what happens and go to your blog. You are in charge of how you see your blog.

* Special support - support for Blogger is a free time dedicated to helping the Community and to stop problems with Blogger. Even if you use the free service of blogs, who treat you like a loyal customer, and get quick fixes immediately.

Blogger Restrictions

* Limitations - Although Blogger provides an unlimited capacity for the number of posts a position that has a limit of 1024 photos you can download, without using Google Blogger service. (Hint. If you download an image to your blog and you want to delete, you can not because it goes to the database, and you can not remove it. 1024 or 1 GB can take years to complete!)

* HTML Themes - Blogger uses HTML key issues in most web designers so you do not use, limited to some basic issues. Wordpress called the songs have the most professional, and using the same format that most web designers use CSS to sell their products. If you are looking for a supplier of free WordPress themes blog announces professional web exploits.

* Limited Plugins - Blogger does not have a lot of plugins that Wordpress has. Wordpress has thousands of free plug-in that can easily automate the stuff easy to make your site feel more vibrant and beautiful.

Effective Way To Use Google Trends / Adsense

Without further ado, provides the strategy:

Step 1: Find a hot trend, go to Google and type in Google Trends

Step 2: Go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Step 3: Enter the main keyword in your pattern you want to go after and seek the highest cost per click of your term development. Add your AdSense code in the top of the plost blog.

Step 4: Take the keyword and the blog theme you have chosen, is a blog hosting service, or if you are buying. Info for $ 1.00

Step 5: Bookmark your story on socialmarker.com or bookmark this with all the popular sites hosting as digg.com, stumbleupon.com, reddit.com and delicious.com

Step 6: Make a YouTube video on the subject and provide crucial questions about history, for example, if your subject is about a problem new cell phone, asking questions in your videos that viewers want to click on your blog so: Does the phone ______ new value for your money? How to new_____ phone ____.

You get the idea?

Step 7: Take the brands that people look for the trend and add them to your YouTube video tags. I have received thousands of views in the day by doing this.

Step 8: Make sure that your payment is keyword term high in your blog title, description and tags.

Step 9: Ping your blog at least once a day

Step 10: Repeat until successful

Even if you blog about three stories a day and use your personality in your blog, you can actually have something that people love to read. Make your content interesting and fun and watch the traffic roll in time

Top 8 Google Adsense Workers

Its curious that among the biggest supporters of Google Adsense are? I know I'm interested to know who is the best I can see their websites and see how he could make as much money these people do. I realized most of these sites, sites with content generated by users in general, highly rated enough for the employees of Google Adsense. It seems that the type of "community" of these sites tend to have a lot of traffic and we all know that traffic = money. So without further ado here is the list of the eight biggest Google Adsense revenue has been collected from online resources.

Want to learn surprising facts of a formerly homeless millionaire on how you can do exactly what he did to earn money online? If you must read this review and watch this video for free. You'll be surprised what you hear at the 7:14 mark! Do not wait one minute because every minute you waste is time that you could make money online.

1) Markus Frind - PlentyOfFish.com - $ 300.000 per month

If you have not heard of this type, however, you should visit plentyoffish.com. He is the person that created this online dating site free of her apartment alone. Your website will soon become one of the largest online dating sites. I actually tried it myself and its website can see how they can be interesting and attracts many visitors. The graphics and site design is nothing special, but the functionality is there and easy to use.

There was little doubt that there was not much money when people did in silence by posting this on his blog. According to his blog, which represents two months of revenue from Adsense.

2) Kevin Rose - Digg.com - $ 250.000 per month

Kevin Rose started Digg.Com in December 2004. It is a social marketing site that is mostly new, videos and photos posted by users of other users to read and see. Basically what happens is that you can sign up for an account and you can submit a 'new' and other people can see it and if they like, they can "Digg it", and this increases the grade of position. If it gets enough Diggs it appears on the home page of the site and get lots of traffic. Digg has both the ads displayed and Federated Media ads. It is estimated that he earns about $ 250ka month from Adsense alone.

3) Jeremy Schoemaker - $ 140.000 per month

Shoemoney is considered one of the largest Internet Marketers out there. It 'very good with search engines and know how to set the optimal sites for the traffic to them. Together with his best month in Google Adsense Shoemoney won $ 132,994.97. One can imagine, it was probably quite difficult for him to verify that the size of money!

Unlike most other advertisers Shoemoney Google makes its money from hundreds of sites and thousands of topics.

4) Jason Calacanis - Weblogs, Inc. - $ 120.000 per month

Jason Calacanis is the creator of Weblogs. Blogs are a network of blogs, and was obviously doing about $ 4,000 per day with Google Adsense! Eventually, he sold the company to AOL, has announced $ 25 million. He also announced his retirement from the blog earlier this year (July 2008). He is now focusing on its e-mail campaigns instead.

5) David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard - $ 100,000 FreeWebLayouts.net-month

According to a Washington Post article, the 20 year old needs to be making $ 100 000 per month from their site FreeWebLayouts.net that offer free Myspace templates. It's pretty impressive for a couple of young people offering free templates Myspace!

6) Tim Carter - AskTheBuilder.com - $ 30,000 per month

Tim Carter is a licensed master plumber and carpenter, his own radio show. She started her website in 1995, its main objective to serve a passionate following of fellow builders of the site. In April 2004, the Carter Doctrine AdSense for content sites, and placed it on his website. A minimum of fuss, and when he optimized his website and his AdSense revenues grew from $ 1,500 is $ 7,500.

There was a case study in earnings Tim Carter Google with Google Adsense. You really should read it HERE. Read the results section because it gives a lot of useful tips on how he increased his income with Google Adsense.

7. Joel Comm - e-book - $ 24 000 per month

Joel Comm is get rich quick guru. He has written an ebook, what Google has never talked about money with Adsense. With e-book and the website that earned $ 23,458.46 between November 2005 and December 2005. Check out your stats Google account here.

8. Shawn Hogan - DigitalPoint.com - $ 10,000 per month

Shawn Hogan is the creator of DigitalPoint forum. This forum is a forum used a lot of information about: Search Engines, Marketing, Business, Design and Development, and the products and tools. In an article published in The New York Times said it was about $ 10 months with Google Adsense kA.

Members of the forum speculate that he is now about double what it did in 2005 when this report was published in the New York Times.

So there you have it, the top 8 Google Adsense employees. This list can be updated and slightly could have new people on this list, but the list was able to take to gather information on the network. Then check out these sites and see if you can try to earn as much as these people do with your website or blog.

Want to learn the shocking facts of a formerly homeless millionaire in the way that you can do exactly what you did to make money online? If you have to read this review and see this free video. You will be surprised what you hear in the 7:14 mark! Do not wait another minute because every minute you waste is time that you could make money online.
Do You Want To Earn? Keep Update With Us
And Book Mark Us For Google Adsense Tips And Tricks (More Money Trends)

Google Adsense Celebrate 8th Anniversary :)

Happy Birthday Google Adsense

Google Adsense is to celebrate the eighth anniversary (18th June, 2011). Google Adsense launched in 2003, and now his love reaches two million registered editors. Google Adsense development team to evaluate all the AdSense team.

Network display Google (Google Adsense), helping millions of businesses to promote their products, services, content in the target market. In eight years of Google Adsense is possible to answer all comments and complaints registered editor and is the key to the success of Google. Google Adsense seeking to serve more and more by each publisher.
AdSense is the main source of revenue for Google Inc. in 2011, this is the Google earned $ 2.34 billion, or 28% of their total annual turnover of $ 9.36 billion! It is eight years non-stop success certainly does not mean much to them.

More Money Trends Team wishing a Happy Birthday Google Adsense and pray for the success of the AdSense team.


Clicked On AdSense Ads On Your Site? [Do Not Say Google]

If you are a publisher (like me) and clicked on a Google AdSense on your own website or a mobile property in error, say, trying something - the interesting information that you may not be aware of is Google n 'want you to mail each time you click on an ad by mistake. A general practice followed by many publishers is that Google e-mail as soon as they realize they clicked their own ads.

Here's what Google says the official press release;

Because we closely monitor all account activity using engineering systems and thorough human analysis, chances are we’ve already detected your clicks on your ads and discounted them. While these clicks still show in your reports, we filter out their associated earnings so that advertisers aren’t charged. However, please keep in mind that we don’t ignore the clicks completely; if it appears to us that a publisher has been clicking on his own ads to inflate his earnings or an advertiser’s costs, we may disable the account to protect our advertisers’ interests.

In this case, if anyone is in Publisher - but there have been clicking on his / her ads, but only the object, or who have been to your Web site, it is best to use the AdSense preview tool as an alternative to do so to follow and respect the policies of Google.

Google Adsense Tips Contact Support

I have been in contact with the support of Google AdSense a couple of times, and sometimes have contacted me regarding my site does not respect their policies. Overall it was a great experience that I wanted to share some tips for new users and old AdSense respect.

1) There is no need to contact support for AdSense ads on multiple sites.

If you are a publisher accepted and executed more than one site, then there is no need to contact support to add your ad code on another site.

To simplify, you can use the same site more than one adsense publisher code, without obtaining the approval of Google Adsense.

2) If you make changes in order to display ads, which is not our program, please contact

What I mean is that when you try something new with how you show your AdSense approval by the AdSense team, mind you I do every time I play with ads and it helps a lot because I do not want to be blacklisted and banned.

If the display of images next to ads, then I recommend you read these messages. Why approve changes to adsense?, So you do users of the policy and the prohibition of what is best to ask you for money and banned.

3) Be patient

Adsense is a very popular and a site of almost everyone he meets Google ads, so do not worry if your answer does not come immediately. AdSense team's responses within 2-3 days is normal not to submit your questions, again and again.

Another issue is what to do when you receive an email from AdSense support read-ahead for now

What do you do when the team will get in AdSense?

When you receive an e-mail to AdSense, above all, to be taken seriously, because I've never e-mail, because they are friends, just e-mail, the website that publishes advertisements does something wrong, or information relating to your account.

First, verify the problem and try to do something to correct when you answer their e-mail and tell them about the problem, be honest any time the, even if you make a mistake.

With AdSense recommend honesty is the best policy. An example of AdSense to contact me and correct

I had received such an email, when "someone" had registered my site for users of a portal which showed my website to users within 10 seconds. This page has been sending me traffic was bad, and I never intend to have (tell me, how can a user know what I write in 10 seconds) and display ads, too. Well you can say why fret, so I had Google ads in the header, and grew to 1000 + traffic bizarre.

To return to the topic of Google AdSense contacted me I'm doing something against their policy, yes, I agree, but I have not done much because I could not do much I was doing my movement against desires.

But then I corrected the problem and has done well with them. Taken seriously when you contact, I am, because every time you receive an email highligting of them has to remediate or risk was banned from adsense.

If you're curious about what I've done my problem. I added a simple PHP code to my website. REMEMBER do not modify the AdSense code is against the policy, I only changed if the AdSense code should appear or not.

if($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] == “thatserver”){
code to show adsense ads
else {
echo “Noooo dough for you”;

So, I made sure that the site I ordered not to ruin my income.

Just be careful with AdSense and contact them when you are in doubt that the best advice I can give.

What is CTR, eCPM and CPC?

If it seems advertisements (ex-Google Adsense) on your website or blog, you may have noticed eCPM, CTR and CPC. Also you notice in your Blogger account and your Google Adsense account that CTR and eCPM are shown there as the record of your site. They are described bellow:

Here the terms explaintion.

  • eCPM  - (eCPM) Effective Cost Per thousand Impressions. Earnings per 1000 impressions. The cost to show the ad a thousand times on your site.
  • CPC - (CPC) Cost Per Click (How do you earn per click). CPC costs are basically determined by the advertiser. Advertisers pay more per click for sites with niche content.
  • CTR - (CTR) Click Through Rate (a measure of how often users click your ads.) If your ad receives a click of 100 impressions, what you are to have a CTR of 1% or 0.01.
Many factors contribute to their income from Adsense on affiliate programs and others. Traffic is an important factor, the people more information, visit their website, the more ad clicks and revenue. Furthermore, the quality of its content is important.

Support : | Internet Marketing Specialist And Business Developer
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