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We Hate Spam! Really, It's terrible and we never do it.

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Showing posts with label Work. Show all posts

I got spam letter Subject : "Important Massage"

Important Massage

I and my sister wants to seek for your aids towards our difficult condition as orphans. We beg to request for your assistance as our representative/ guardian in a financial matter which our uncle swore to  eliminate our live in order to acquire all by himself.
We would want to nominate you as a family friend of our late father to enable the money  transfer in your name on our behalf for investment with you.

With best wishes,
Tahi and Gisele
Someone sent me this spam letter. It is totally spam. If you get such a email please report and blacklist spammer IP.

Complete ODesk Profile Benefit

oDesk : Love The Way You Work

If you have oDesk ID, so Log in into your account and follow bellow instructions.
If you don't have account then create an account for your future from bellow categories for ODesk Profile Benefit.
  1. I want to hire
  2. I want to work
If you select "I want to work" account then.
There are some steps for capture a project. From below steps you can get ODesk Profile Benefit
  1. Profile Completion
  2. Bid On Project
Now open your profile and fill your complete information. And remember your account summery should be 100 % completed. Then you can easily capture target project.
Complete your information like

1 : Profile Completion

  • My public profile
  • Categories
  • Skills
  • Employment History
  • Education
  • Portfolio Projects
  • Certifications
  • Other Experiences
  • Profile Verification
After this, you need to know that how to write cover latter with in your bid.

2 : Bid on Project

  1. Click on "Apply to this job"
  2. Write Propose Terms as Hourly Job or fix prize
  3. Cover Latter
  4. If you want to attach any document then you can provide here.
  5. Agree the Odesk TOS
  6. Click on apply to this job
Benefit of Profile Completion
  1. You can get attraction of your contractor as SEO Company
  2. You can get more quota of jobs
  3. For profile completion you can get certification from Odesk
  4. You can get Paypal verify account from Odesk
  5. You can get Payoneer card from Odesk
Updated: 12/18/13
  1. Payoneer will assign you a special USA Century Bank Account that you can use with oDesk and withdraw with 0% fee.
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