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Showing posts with label Google Plus. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Google Plus. Show all posts

Separate out Google+ serp's to show photo-only posts.

Photo search

Users can easily now filter their Google+ search results page to see photo-only blog posts. Users need to key in just what they are browsing, and choose Photos from their filter dropdown. Google has
rolled out a brand-new upgrade to its Google+ search filters that allows users to see photos-only posts. Individuals can easily access the brand-new Google+ Image filter from a drop-down food selection on search result pages on search results page pages and permits individuals to sort photos from the material-- video clips, hangouts, events and other updates in a feed.
"You can now filter your Google+ search engine result to just show photo articles. Simply type in exactly what you're trying to find, and select "Photos" from the filter dropdown. You can easily locate any kind of image article that's shared along with you-- from items shared just along with you, to public images shared by some of the terrific photographers on Google+," claims Google in a Google+ post. Google's update to Google+ search filters comes after Facebook presented a significant overhaul to its Updates Feed.
In 2011, Google's social head Vic Gundotra had exposed Google+, one of the fastest increasing social networking systems, had seen 3.4 billion pictures discussed within ONE HUNDRED days of the launch. Google has been concentrating on the picture part of Google+ for very time. Google+ recently added a pan and zoom function for higher resolution images.
The brand-new feature aspired at attracting musicians, expert photographers. Moreover, individuals can easily upload pictures via auto-uploading attributes in its mobile applications and also importing through Google Drive.

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