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Jewelry CAD Designing is great field

Jewelry cad designing:

jewelry cad designing gives new style of your jewelry. You can get 3d modelling services for your sketches, and you can get services for custom diamonds..like

For Jewelry Cad Designing Services You can contact Samee, he'll help you in this. 


SEO Social Strategy | Boost Your Each Link

SEO Social Strategy
SEO Social Strategy

SEO Social Strategy:

If you are doing SEO for your client. You should boost your backlink power. Your each backlink needs more backlink to increase its PA (Page Authority). You do not need to worry about new strategy, in which you can use your social accounts to make it boost. You can just follow my strategy.
In this SEO Social Strategy, you need
  1. Facebook (Profile and Page)
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin (Profile and Page)
  4. Plurk
  5. Google Plus (Profile and Page)
  6. Pinterest
  7. Diggo
  8. Reddit
  9. 500px
  10. Delicious
  11. RSS Submission Sites List
  12. One Hour Indexer Account
  13. IFTTT
  14. Buffer
  15. Stumble Upon
  16. 000Webhost
  17. Feed Burner
  18. Pingomatic
  19. 2nd Tier (GSA Indexer or SENuke)
  20. Google Drive
  21. PDF Sites
  22. Web2.0 sites
  23. Videos Sites
  24. Sounds Sites
It'll take about 3-4 hours to arrange all accounts and design this strategy. 
Once this strategy is ready for your website then you can easily manage it. You just need to add your link to custom feed and post in social profiles and ping to stumble upon each. 
If you have any confusion, You can contact me. 

Digital Marketing Specialist
Samee Ullah Feroz

What is hardcore SEO working?

Hardcore SEO Working:
Some companies are doing hardcore search engine optimization working to improve their client's ranking. They are also having so many call center agents for project grabbing. They are randomly getting so many projects daily. Thier SEO team agents are getting projects daily to work on. It becomes little difficult to maintain single project ranking on Google. They are doing same SEO working repeatedly and little randomly. They are using some gray hat software and some black hat scripts to maintain their project's backlinking.
Same repeated but randomly SEO working is called "Hardcore SEO Working". It is not good for company power. But if you working on hardcore SEO with white hat strategy, it can be good for you. Read 20 hardcore SEO tips, maybe it can be good for you.

Section#9: Cookies Law In Europe Is Accepted By Google For SEO

EU cookies law

Section#9: Advance SEO Research Program And Notes

Cookies Law in EU:

From May 2011 a new privacy law came into effect across the EU. The law requires that websites ask visitors for consent to use most web cookies.
Nearly all websites use cookies, which are an extremely common technology for remembering anything about a visitor between web pages. Cookies are commonly used for login, remembering preferences, tracking visitors and more.
The new law is intended to help protect people’s privacy. For example, if you search for “cars” in Google, they use cookies to remember this. Later in the day, on another website, Google may target car ads at you because they remember who you are. This might not sound too scary until you think how many thousands of searches you do on Google, and how much they probably know about you as a result.
The vast majority of small websites don’t do this of course, but they do track visitors to their website, e.g. via a tool like Google Analytics, and they use social media plugins like Facebook Like buttons. As we will see, this law appears to outlaw all of this entirely.

What does this mean for websites?

Most EU websites will need to change, or break the law.

Over 92% of websites use cookies at the moment. They’ll either have to stop using cookies, or start asking for permission.
To ask for permission, a website must interrupt their visitors – say, with a popup like this:
Cookies use

No one wants to add this to their website, and most visitors are unlikely to be happy about it either.

There are other solutions which we explore later, but they all have a negative effect on the experience of a website. Web sites could stop using cookies, but generally only by losing some functionality on their site – and because cookies are so ubiquitous, this isn’t easy.

Does this only affect websites hosted in the EU?

The location of your hosting is irrelevant, but the location of your organisation is not. Your organisation must fall within the legal jurisdiction of the EU. Each member state has their own laws, which are based on the same EU directive, but may differ slightly.

For most small/medium organisations, being located in the EU will mean you must comply.

Are all cookies affected?

The vast majority are – all cookies that are not “strictly necessary for a service requested by a user”.

The law allows an exception for “strictly necessary” cookies, such as those used to remember when something has been added to a shopping basket. These cookies would be expected by the user implicitly for the action they requested to be carried out. Another example would be login.

Section#8: Black Hat SEO With CSS

Section#8: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. CSS is the mother of programming languages.
  2. You can use CSS rules to boost your SEO.
  3. Hidden tag is black hat SEO work
  4. Hidden tag helps you to boost your ranking on google.
  5. For alternate backlinking, you can use hidden tag scripting to boost your article and your blog authority.
  6. But don’t try to stuff more keywords and try to maintain keyword density.
  7. In Forums, you are not allowed short contents. You need to write at least 200 words content to boost your thread in forums.


Section#7: Local Business Client Review and Tips

Section#7: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. Mostly people are skipping ad searches.
  2. They are not feeling good to open it.
  3. Use 5-star services (completely 5 stars)
  4. If people didn’t like your client services on google plus then may be, there are chances they open yelp site. (or any other local search site like YP)
  5. Local search ranking
  6. A lot of reviews tend to a high ranking.
  7. Profile views
  8. Website (client end). DA, AC rank effects.
  9. Try to refer to work with local subset
  10. A total number of referring IPs also had a high correlation with storage local ranking.
  11. Don’t forward URL
  12. Don’t add extra keywords on your business name.
  13. You are on service area, don’t hide your address.
  14. Don’t multiply verify your business
  15. Before register check your business category on google plus.
  16. Don’t create a business without a physical address.
  17. Don’t register businesses that operate in building but you don’t own
  18. Don’t work with spam industry.
  19. Don’t create that listing which is your virtual business.
Join SEO Research Program : Contact Samee Ullah Feroz: SEO Expert

Section#6: Link Chain, Feed Strategy with IFTTT Advance SEO Program

Section#6: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. Don’t stop your strategy chain. Your website each and every backlink needs the power to boost your Link chain.
  2. John Mueller: Adult sites are not automatically spamming, and links from them are not automatically unnatural and problematic.
  3. Try to use the SEO team system’s power to boost your ranking because google doesn’t know about other person activities for your project.
  4. The best thing is, you should know XML, xHTML, and CSS languages basics.
  5. Create your project backlink feed.
  6. Register on free hosting sites.
  7. Upload your file on hosting.
  8. Share feed on all feeds submission sites.
  9. Use IFTTT and submit your all links to social and bookmarking sites.
  10. Use IFTTT and share your RSSS to all social networking and web2.0 blogging sites.


Section#5: Creation, Curation, RDFa, SEO Research Program

Section#5: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. “Hidden” is also part of black hat SEO.
  2. Creation and curation are both different things.
  3. Curation is to generate a new creation in the form of (sound, image, and video) from ready-made things.
  4. IFTTT website is good for social strategy creation.
  5. You can optimize your SMO working with IFTTT.
  6. 5 tier link is working great for me.
  7. In SEO business: business mind, analytics view, patience, leading, quality, and most important is always trying to learn and never think you are best or complete.
  8. IPO = Initial Public Offer
  9. If someone tells you his / her secrets, keep it secret.
  10. Try to hide your secrets.
  11. SEF = Search engine friendly
  12. WPO = Web Presence optimization.
  13. Wordpress trackbacks are external nofollows.
  14. Client projects are our responsibilities not “tensions”.
  15. RDF = Resource Description Framework. (RDFa is (still) the best way to improve your SEO)
  16. W3C has released RDF primer
  17. OG tags or OG meta tags are wrong names, it is OGP = Open graph protocols
  18. OGP main properties are: OG:title, OG:type, OG:Image, OG:URL
  19. You can find more and better properties actually on OGP.me


Section#4: GTAR Importance and Cohort Analyze Reporting

Section#4: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. Google Tag Assistant Recording is important for better Google Analytics tracking. You can install this extension in Chrome.
  2. GTA = Google tag assistant = I think it is the best thing ever in Google
  3. It helps that all google tags like analytics, tag manager, AdWords conversion tracking and more are working correctly or not. 
  4. GTAR = Google tag assistant recording
  5. GTAR helps to validate diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your google tags, especially Google Analytics.
  6. Check GTAR video training = That is amazing video that you should watch out. 
  7. Don’t forget your google merchandise store. 
  8. Goals and filters are most important in analytics
  9. Better thinking and better strategy with IFTTT
  10. A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic over a certain period of time. 
  11. The keywords: must require, should recommend type words are understandable by Google.
  12. Sitemap should be described in robots.txt file
  13. Every time blog should be different = It is good
  14. One black hat strategy can be good for you in a minor way: that is a spin article and send it to others but must check Grammarly once. 
  15. Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter shares are always important.

Section#3: AMP Pages, Book Marking Strategy With Tier System

Section#3: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. GPT = Google Publisher Tag
  2. AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages
  3. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are designed according to open source specification. Validated AMP pages are Index in Google AMP cashes, which allows them to be served even more quickly.
  4. Rel = amp HTML
  5. Still e-Book importance is working.
  6. We can control website on IE (Internet Explorer) with $_Server[HTTP_User_agent]…. It is PHP code.
  7. Stumble Upon Feed is working very well with IFTTT. You can create 4th tier to 7th tier strategy with it.
  8. Book-Marking is working with stumble upon feed.
  9. Book Marking Strategy needs to be updated every time with the passage of time.
  10. All Social Pages and profiles can be managed by IFTTT.
  11. Better SMO is if you make network and work on 5th tier strategy.
  12. Need to work on, and create 10th tier strategy to boost your SEO working.


Section#2: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. Google is giving interest to LTD domains. LTD domains are coming in Google search results against parallel keywords.  “Like London van removals => MananVanRemoval.London”
  2. Don’t share your location on Mozilla and chrome.
  3. MQL = Marketing Quality Leads
  4. ToFu = Top of the Funnel
  5. MoFu = Middle of the Funnel
  6. BoFu = Bottom of the Funnel
  7. Create your on-page checklist = check complete factors
  8. Create your e-commerce on-page checklist = check your all-important complete factors
  9. With IFTTT social media and book marking strategy is working very well, just need little more requirements to enhance it to boost SEO working.
  10. Matt Cutts Said: “The objective is not to make your links appear natural”. The objective is that your links are natural 
  11. I think 3rd tier GSA or SEnuke backlinking is good for your 2nd tier backlinking.

Section#1: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. If you are using IFTTT account. So, If you twitter then, spread sheet
  2. If you tweet links, then spread sheet.
  3. If someone tweets then you tweet same.
  4. PRD: product Recommendation Documents
  5. SRD: SEO Research Documents
  6. Strategy can move you to next level of SEO superstar.
  7. Steps to define a beautiful strategy:
    • Define your target audience and their interest
    • Content strategy
    • Target keyword discovery (best is market scout software)
    • Keyword according to specific category
    • Backup your data
    • Keyword research with complete reports (Analyze, Competitor, research, competition level, value and more)
    • Draw your strategy on paper


PHP Brief Definition

PHP definition
PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely available and used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derived from Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which the PHP FAQ describes as a "recursive acronym."

32 Long Life Off-Page Backlink Methods And Their Problems In 2016 without content writers

backlink methods
I am working in Australia Base SEO Company. We have to give backlink to our client with white-hat SEO methods. Sometimes, we get too many problems with it. And nowadays, Content writers are too much busy with many tasks and their team is too small.

32 Long Life Off-Page Backlink Methods And Their Problems:

  1. Social networking = content = not available
  2. Book marketing = more can be spam
  3. Forum posting = not allowed by a leader and not easy to get backlink too fast. mostly no follow or can be deleted
  4. Link exchange = not allowed
  5. Ping submission = one hour indexer
  6. Search engine submission = online tools
  7. Photo sharing or infographic share = not allowed by manager : he sad can be bad for branding
  8. Directory submission = not allowed by leader he said can be spam
  9. Video submission = where to get or capture or made = no way available
  10. Docs submission = content = not available
  11. Profiling = profiling is good for branding but not for keyword ranking we need keyword ranking
  12. 1st tier and 2nd tier have spammy backlinks and spammy score sites
  13. The leader said you can get an article from google and spin it. it becomes low-quality article which google doesn't like to cache
  14. Guest blogging = content = not available
  15. Local sites reviews = reviews needs modification and can not be backlinks just text link in mostly sites
  16. Web2.0 = content = not available
  17. PBN = content = not available
  18. Social bookmarking like twitter, facebook, google plus, = everyone doing less traffic
  19. .Gov, .Edu links, not easy to get
  20. Purchase links = we can't do it. free is allowed
  21. Wiki submission = content = not available
  22. IFTTT is confirmed but we need starting system = not available
  23. Ad posting = not good for backlink or keyword positioning, it makes just branding
  24. Press release = content = not available = not easily approved
  25. Convert article to video = tools not available = content = not available
  26. Email marketing = email data not available. = tools not available
  27. Commenting not allowed by the leader
  28. Whois links not allowed; leader said can use tools
  29. PHPMyAdmin spammy links by 2nd tier = doing
  30. Sound can be submitted = how to get sound aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  31. 3d files can be submitted. not have time for modeling = not allowed by the leader; office work only in office = software not installed
  32. Guest Books = Generic backlinks = Good for branding but not for Google keyword ranking

How to get Faebook page RSS Feed?

facebook page feed

How to get Facebook page RSS Feed?

Facebook page RSS feed is important for notification and for Google pinging. You can find your page or profile RSS feed by flowing method.
  1. Find Your page or profile id. you can use this site. Findmyfacebookid.com
  2. Now you need to remember your id. 
  3. Confirm it by http://graph.facebook.com/(your id)
  4. Your page rss feed will be generated like it
https://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?format=rss20&id=(Your id)

How to find Stumble Upon User RSS feed?

Stumble Upon


How to find Stumble Upon Specific User RSS Feed for subscription?

1st you should know username of that specific person. You need to browse his/her profile page on stumble upon like

Method of getting RSS Feed of user:

Here are the links and their descriptions.
  1. http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/<username>/favorites These are your favorites. The sites you thumbed up.
  2. http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/<username>/reviews These are your reviews about the sites.
  3. http://rss.stumbleupon.com/user/<username>/blog If you blog at StumbleUpon, this is the RSS feed to your blog entries.


Guest Post Exchange and Posting Service Available

Guest Blogging and Exchanging
Guest Posting
Guest Blogging & Exchanging Services:
I am providing guest blogging services and posting services. You can also contact me for guest posting services. I have good authority domains and with good CF, TF. You can easily find my domains data here
Authority Domains List
You can contact me on

You can also join "Guest Bloggers" group on Google.


How To Get Reddit RSS Feed To Ping Google?

Reddit RSS
Reddit RSS Feed

Reddit RSS Feed For Subscription:

Reddit is the one of the biggest bookmarking and article submission site with high authority links. You can get your backlink with Reddit bookmark or Reddit Article.
Reddit Authority
Reddit Authority by Moz
I submit link on Reddit and I wanted to ping Google. I was needed RSS feed link. So, I found a solution.
If you need bookmark or article bookmark RSS feed you can find RSS like

Note: You can find RSS feed by just adding ".RSS" in URL ending point.

If you need to find profile rss feed just use
Once you find RSS feed you can easily submit or ping Google.

Boost Your Ranking With SEO Friendly Article Tips

SEO Friendly Article
Article Goal and Steps
SEO Friendly Article Tips By Samee Ullah Feroz:

Notes About Article Writing:

  • The Title doesn’t make any sense.
  • Try to keep short tail Title (Maximum 6 words Just.)
  • I don’t need keyword stuffing article. You can use keywords synonyms in my article or different variation.
  • Articles should be checked byhttps://app.grammarly.com, Google doesn’t like to up rank low-quality articles.
  • Articles should be linked to previous articles, You can get article links from google sheet https://goo.gl/w8Ppye
  • I don’t need client website keyword in 1st paragraph. I need client website keyword only one time in the last paragraph.
  • Keep one keyword (long tail or short), which target to article in Google not client website.
  • According to article studies in SEO. There is three types of article.
  • Student Level Article (Completely Simple Sentences Base English)
  • Bachelor Level Article (Normal and easy words base English)
  • Doctor & Professor Level Article (High-quality words and synonyms base English)
(Note: You are writing Doctor & professor level articles. Articles are read in all over the world. Try to keep Bachelor level article, which is fully accepted in SEO. You should Know your audience: Your blog is not your diary, nor is it an interoffice memo. Make sure you choose language suitable for whomever; you’re addressing. If you’re writing for a larger audience. Keep paragraphs short and on-point, and section difficult-to-understand material into digestible concepts.)


Pop Up Window Bookmark for Firefox

Twitter Popup Window
Twitter Popup Window

Twitter Window Bookmark Code

Now you can tweet anytime with Firefox Browser. You just need to add custom bookmark on Firefox bookmark bar.


  1. Add custom bookmark on Firefox bookmark bar
  2. Right Click
  3. Properties
  4. Name: Tweet
  5. Location: Code
I made this code to work on my new twitter account for my new blog Life Shakes Me
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