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Section#7: Local Business Client Review and Tips

Section#7: Advance SEO Research Program and Notes

  1. Mostly people are skipping ad searches.
  2. They are not feeling good to open it.
  3. Use 5-star services (completely 5 stars)
  4. If people didn’t like your client services on google plus then may be, there are chances they open yelp site. (or any other local search site like YP)
  5. Local search ranking
  6. A lot of reviews tend to a high ranking.
  7. Profile views
  8. Website (client end). DA, AC rank effects.
  9. Try to refer to work with local subset
  10. A total number of referring IPs also had a high correlation with storage local ranking.
  11. Don’t forward URL
  12. Don’t add extra keywords on your business name.
  13. You are on service area, don’t hide your address.
  14. Don’t multiply verify your business
  15. Before register check your business category on google plus.
  16. Don’t create a business without a physical address.
  17. Don’t register businesses that operate in building but you don’t own
  18. Don’t work with spam industry.
  19. Don’t create that listing which is your virtual business.
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