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SEO Social Strategy | Boost Your Each Link

SEO Social Strategy
SEO Social Strategy

SEO Social Strategy:

If you are doing SEO for your client. You should boost your backlink power. Your each backlink needs more backlink to increase its PA (Page Authority). You do not need to worry about new strategy, in which you can use your social accounts to make it boost. You can just follow my strategy.
In this SEO Social Strategy, you need
  1. Facebook (Profile and Page)
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin (Profile and Page)
  4. Plurk
  5. Google Plus (Profile and Page)
  6. Pinterest
  7. Diggo
  8. Reddit
  9. 500px
  10. Delicious
  11. RSS Submission Sites List
  12. One Hour Indexer Account
  13. IFTTT
  14. Buffer
  15. Stumble Upon
  16. 000Webhost
  17. Feed Burner
  18. Pingomatic
  19. 2nd Tier (GSA Indexer or SENuke)
  20. Google Drive
  21. PDF Sites
  22. Web2.0 sites
  23. Videos Sites
  24. Sounds Sites
It'll take about 3-4 hours to arrange all accounts and design this strategy. 
Once this strategy is ready for your website then you can easily manage it. You just need to add your link to custom feed and post in social profiles and ping to stumble upon each. 
If you have any confusion, You can contact me. 

Digital Marketing Specialist
Samee Ullah Feroz
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