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32 Long Life Off-Page Backlink Methods And Their Problems In 2016 without content writers

backlink methods
I am working in Australia Base SEO Company. We have to give backlink to our client with white-hat SEO methods. Sometimes, we get too many problems with it. And nowadays, Content writers are too much busy with many tasks and their team is too small.

32 Long Life Off-Page Backlink Methods And Their Problems:

  1. Social networking = content = not available
  2. Book marketing = more can be spam
  3. Forum posting = not allowed by a leader and not easy to get backlink too fast. mostly no follow or can be deleted
  4. Link exchange = not allowed
  5. Ping submission = one hour indexer
  6. Search engine submission = online tools
  7. Photo sharing or infographic share = not allowed by manager : he sad can be bad for branding
  8. Directory submission = not allowed by leader he said can be spam
  9. Video submission = where to get or capture or made = no way available
  10. Docs submission = content = not available
  11. Profiling = profiling is good for branding but not for keyword ranking we need keyword ranking
  12. 1st tier and 2nd tier have spammy backlinks and spammy score sites
  13. The leader said you can get an article from google and spin it. it becomes low-quality article which google doesn't like to cache
  14. Guest blogging = content = not available
  15. Local sites reviews = reviews needs modification and can not be backlinks just text link in mostly sites
  16. Web2.0 = content = not available
  17. PBN = content = not available
  18. Social bookmarking like twitter, facebook, google plus, = everyone doing less traffic
  19. .Gov, .Edu links, not easy to get
  20. Purchase links = we can't do it. free is allowed
  21. Wiki submission = content = not available
  22. IFTTT is confirmed but we need starting system = not available
  23. Ad posting = not good for backlink or keyword positioning, it makes just branding
  24. Press release = content = not available = not easily approved
  25. Convert article to video = tools not available = content = not available
  26. Email marketing = email data not available. = tools not available
  27. Commenting not allowed by the leader
  28. Whois links not allowed; leader said can use tools
  29. PHPMyAdmin spammy links by 2nd tier = doing
  30. Sound can be submitted = how to get sound aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  31. 3d files can be submitted. not have time for modeling = not allowed by the leader; office work only in office = software not installed
  32. Guest Books = Generic backlinks = Good for branding but not for Google keyword ranking
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